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An Intro to HTML & CSS Presentation and Workshop

Code Academy recently asked me to come in give a workshop on the basics of HTML and CSS Amoxicillin For Sale, to their students. The workshop started with a presentation outlining the different structures of HTML and CSS, rx free Amoxicillin, Buy Amoxicillin without a prescription, along with some common terms to be familiar with. After a collective understanding of HTML and CSS a deeper dive was taken into the box model and how to work with floats.

Following the presentation was a workshop to provide practical examples of using HTML and CSS, is Amoxicillin safe. Amoxicillin pics, The workshop included cleaning up a web page by improving the user interface and design solely using HTML and CSS. With a few quick changes the web page changed shape and came to life.

Overall the students were bright and very receptive making for an excellent workshop, Amoxicillin overnight. Cheap Amoxicillin no rx, You can checkout the slides from my presentation above and a link to the demo page below.

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